We think you need to paint your business Orange!
Business marketing used to be about fitting in - today it is about standing out! Our Orange team have discovered that the core of great marketing is relationship building. Us with our clients and then making it easier for our clients to build strong relationships with their customers.
Lynne and her team at Orange Marketing provide no nonsense, realistic ideas for small to medium businesses looking at what can be achieved with small marketing budgets. They focus on the things that can be easily tidied up, such as Websites, Social Media and e-newsletters. Once these are tuned to the needs of the client, we monitor and assess the results. Then after establishing a strong digital presence in these areas, they can then excite and entice with great marketing ideas. There is only one goal - to help the businesses we work with succeed.  While this can sound a bit cliche, those that know Lynne, know that she always goes the extra mile for her clients!
Lynne Lawson

Lynne Lawson

Lynne started Orange Marketing in 2012 and is combining all of her work experiences into the passion that is helping others to succeed.  Name the industry and Lynne has possibly worked in or alongside.  In 2008 - Lynne started working in the world of Web and has seen many changes.  So much so that she quickly realised that she was holding on for dear life to keep up to speed and she was in the industry, and if this was her core business then how on earth did her clients stay abreast of all that is digital.

No matter what is happening in the industry Lynne believe in great customer service!  It can sound cliche but happy clients equals a happy Lynne!

When Lynne is not working (hahaha.... we are not sure she ever turns her work brain off)  she can be seen taking photos around the Hutt Valley, or cooking up a storm and chilling with friends and family.  Ask her about her latest knitting addiction for her new granddaughter Harriet!

Nicole Brown

Nicole Brown

Nothing ever phases Nicole, she can walk into the office and look past the mountains of paper work on Lynne's desk and get onto the tasks at hand.  It is always unclear how she gets through her work, then swaps her hat and becomes Supermum to Kaitlyn, Rory and Keegan she makes sure that they are picked up from School and Kindy and then zooms them off to Soccer, Dancing and all those other cool things that kids do!  It is nothing for us to be getting emails from Nicole late at night after her kids and have gone to bed and she sits down in front of her computer.   Everyone needs a Nicole in their team!  

Nicole's specialty is branding and marketing, and she has the formal qualification to prove it!    Ask her for a tag line for a new business or brain storm how to promote a new business and Nicole's brain kicks into another gear.  Nicole can be updating our clients social media one minute, creating a new and exciting blog and then phoning clients to chase them up for them images.  All in a days work.  

That is why we would have to call Nicole the Juggler!

Melissa Bethwaite

Melissa Bethwaite

When we met Melissa over a coffee we knew that she needed to be a part of the Orange Team. 

She has a very infectious laugh that she applies to the social media posts that she writes up for our clients.  We are not sure what title to bestow upon her.  Social Media Editor or Social Media Guru - but we know that since Melissa has come on board the posts are looking fun and exciting (with great graphics)

When Melissa is not in the office she is busy her young family and renovating her house.  

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