Introducing Grow Orange

We are excited to be celebrating our 9th year in business. Over the years we have worked with some amazing companies both large and small and have surrounded ourselves with a great network of website developers, content writers and PR specialists.  


Our History:

  • Set up in 2012 under the brand name Lynne Lawson. Lynne had a vision to create a company that looked after clients after their new website went live
  • Feb 2013 – Nicole started as Marketing Manager with the company and the new brand name Orange was born!
    • Why Orange – you only have to look at the colours that feature strongly in Lynne’s life and you will see that Orange has always been a main theme. The tagline “A fresh approach” took the Orange concept and clearly described all that was Orange
  • September 2020
    • The new brand name had been on the drawing board for approx 1 year and some downtime saw the energy being applied into the new look and feel. A drive through to Kapiti and back to the Valley settled in on the new name Grow Orange. 
      • Helping businesses grow
      • Growing revenue
      • Ideas growing from small beginnings
  • January 2021 - The Stay Kiwi brand was padded out and energy was given to the accommodation part of our brand
  • April 2021 - our Grow Orange mentoring and education programme was set up for entreprenial business owners

The FUTURE.... what ever is needed to help our clients.

Lynne Lawson

Lynne Lawson

Lynne is a business consultant and digital strategist with 20+ years experience. Setting up Orange Marketing in 2012 was a lifelong ambition realised. She loves what she does and now she'd like to help you achieve yours.

Strong, loyal and committed. If Lynne is in your business' corner she has your back.

Lynne is a fixer - she finds solutions to questions you may not even know you had. Lynne recently got referred to as Mr Wolf from Pulp Fiction. No she hasn't had to organise removal of bodies, but I am sure that if needed she would be your person!

You can also ask Lynne about her approach to cooking and how she can open the fridge and create a meal from whatever is there. She uses the same skills with her business consulting and marketing - creating something delicious with the basics (see what we did there).

Nicole Brown

Nicole Brown

Nothing ever phases Nicole, she can walk into the office and look past the mountains of paper work on Lynne's desk and get onto the tasks at hand.  It is always unclear how she gets through her work, then swaps her hat and becomes Supermum to Kaitlyn, Rory and Keegan she makes sure that they are picked up from School  and then zooms them off to Soccer, Dancing and all those other cool things that kids do!  Everyone needs a Nicole in their team!  

Nicole's specialty is branding and marketing, and she has the formal qualification to prove it! Ask her for a tag line for a new business or brain storm how to promote a new business and Nicole's brain kicks into another gear. Nicole can be updating our clients social media one minute, creating a new and exciting blog and then phoning clients to chase them up for them images. All in a days work.  

Aramani Brouwer

Aramani Brouwer

Aramani is such an asset to the Orange Team, it was her skill and passion that created the new Grow Orange brand concept. We absolutely loved the way that we were able throw ideas and concepts at her and from that she got her 3am brain storm and our new logo was created. Everyone needs a designer like Aramani as part of their team!

Not only is Aramani amazing at visualising design concepts she is busy with her family and loves to explore NZ.

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