Talk to Lynne about where to head in your business!

As a business owner, it is tricky to know where to put your attention. We offer three planning packages that allow you to create your business and marketing plan, looking in depth at all the key facets required.

  • Setting up your business from scratch
  • Fine tuning your existing business
  • Getting clear on where your business is heading
  • How to implement your business strategy
  • How to get your customers to connect with your business

"I wish I had the knowledge I have now when I started my own company 10 years ago" - Lynne

Lynne Lawson

Lynne Lawson

Lynne is a business consultant and digital strategist with 20+ years experience. Setting up Orange Marketing in 2012 was a lifelong ambition realised. She loves what she does and now she'd like to help you achieve yours.

Strong, loyal and committed. If Lynne is in your business' corner she has your back.

Lynne is a fixer - she finds solutions to questions you may not even know you had. Lynne recently got referred to as Mr Wolf from Pulp Fiction. No she hasn't had to organise removal of bodies, but I am sure that if needed she would be your person!

You can also ask Lynne about her approach to cooking and how she can open the fridge and create a meal from whatever is there. She uses the same skills with her business consulting and marketing - creating something delicious with the basics (see what we did there).

Business Support

Lynne has has amazing team that supports her and her clients.  Website developers, graphic designers, financial planners, business strategists + more 

Being in business it can feel like being on an island.  It doesn't have to be.  With the right network contacts everything can zoom along.