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Lynne Lawson

Lynne Lawson - Chief Coffee Maker!

Since email, websites and online chatting came into our lives, I have loved watching our view of the world change. I remember hearing that emails were just a fad, and that nobody would use a website to find information. Oh how times have changed! Growing up we had "party lines" (yes that shows how old I am ) and ringing my Grandmother in Invercargill from our farm (15 minutes away) was a toll call. I also remember clocking up an $80.00 toll bill ringing Christchurch which was more expensive than than the bus trip to get there! Oh how things have changed, I can't remember when last I looked up the Yellow Pages, or dialled directory for a phone number. I check menus and reviews online before I go to a restaurant, and if I'm going on holiday, I'll check out where I'm staying before I get there.

I've been very lucky that my love of the web has led me to a solid career path. Over the past nine years, I have worked on a variety of website projects and websites. My experience means that I can get a feel for the end product - and then I can figure out how we can get there. Surrounding every good website is now a solid social media profile, and additional online tools to enhance and empower businesses.

For the last 6 years I have been working within the Accommodation and Hospitality groups. Not only do I get to travel around our beautiful country, I love how with a bit of digital marketing occupancy in motels can be increased, and rates can be increased. In order to be a digital strategist it is also important to have a solid understand of business and commercial practices. Looking for the best solutions across the board is vital for my clients success.