About Orange Marketing - Website and Online Marketing

Lynne Lawson

Lynne Lawson - Chief Coffee Maker!

Since email, websites and online chatting came into our lives, I have loved watching our view of the world change. I remember hearing that emails were just a fad, and that nobody would use a website to find information. Oh how times have changed! Growing up we had "party lines" (yes that shows how old I am ) and ringing my Grandmother in Invercargill from our farm (15 minutes away) was a toll call. I also remember clocking up an $80.00 toll bill ringing Christchurch which was more expensive than than the bus trip to get there! Oh how things have changed, I can't remember when last I looked up the Yellow Pages, or dialled directory for a phone number. I check menus and reviews online before I go to a restaurant, and if I'm going on holiday, I'll check out where I'm staying before I get there.

I've been very lucky that my love of the web has led me to a solid career path. Over the past nine years, I have worked on a variety of website projects and websites. My experience means that I can get a feel for the end product - and then I can figure out how we can get there. Surrounding every good website is now a solid social media profile, and additional online tools to enhance and empower businesses.

For the last 6 years I have been working within the Accommodation and Hospitality groups. Not only do I get to travel around our beautiful country, I love how with a bit of digital marketing occupancy in motels can be increased, and rates can be increased. In order to be a digital strategist it is also important to have a solid understand of business and commercial practices. Looking for the best solutions across the board is vital for my clients success.

Nicole Brown - Juggler and Magician

Nothing ever phases Nicole, she can walk into the office and look past the mountains of paper work on Lynne's desk and get onto the tasks at hand.  It is always unclear how she gets through her work, then swaps her hat and becomes Supermum to Kaitlyn, Rory and Keegan she makes sure that they are picked up from School and Kindy and then zooms them off to Soccer, Dancing and all those other cool things that kids do!  It is nothing for us to be getting emails from Nicole late at night after her kids and have gone to bed and she sits down in front of her computer.   Everyone needs a Nicole in their team!  

Nicole's specialty is branding and marketing, and she has the formal qualification to prove it!    Ask her for a tag line for a new business or brain storm how to promote a new business and Nicole's brain kicks into another gear.  Nicole can be updating our clients social media one minute, creating a new and exciting blog and then phoning clients to chase them up for them images.  All in a days work.  

That is why we would have to call Nicole the Juggler!