Orange Marketing - Case Studies

Acorn Estate Motel


When taking over a new motel the best way to succeed is with a strong sense of humour and thankfully that is what Karen and Trevor have.
I first gave Karen and Trevor a call about 2 months after they took over their 11 room Masterton motel. It was the middle of Summer and they had been running backwards since the day they took over. They were a tad frazzled and wondering why they had bought a motel.

Within 10 minutes of chatting I knew that our team could help them, and support them with them in the day to day running of the motel

I had worked with the motel in the past – the previous owners were great, but had an innate fear of technology. As they handed over the motel there was gaps in the computer infrastructure. The online booking system was connected to a very outdated property management system.

There were no channels set up, and there wasn’t a channel management system. The website was outdated and was in desperate need of a tidy up.

It wasn’t only the technology that was outdated. Corporate guests were given rates that would have been ideal in 1988, and there were no safe guards for cancellations and no-shows. No wonder Karen and Trevor were pulling their hair out! We became a sounding board and with many laughs were able to start to put some systems in place, and give the entire motel an over haul!

The core stats!
Number of rooms booking online in 2016 was 119 and with some tweaking and setting up a total of 931 were booked in 2017! That was a whopping 682% that simply equated to a staggering 812% increase in digital online sales.