Our 2021 Growth Business Retreat has been set up to help all business leaders plan for their future and address areas that need work or more energy.

Running on the 5th and 6th November 2021 - at the Silverstream Retreat, Upper Hutt, Wellington this informative 2 day business retreat will help inspire and refocus your business to take it to the next level.  Not only will you get to hear amazing speakers in all facets of running a business you will also get a chance to socialise with like minded business owners.

Limited to 20 people in order to keep the event relaxed and informal whilst allowing all to ask questions and immerse themselves into the retreat.

Register your interest today.

Grow ORange Retreat 2

 Luke Johnson

Luke Johnson

Luke is the Director of Clarityway- a consulting business that advises on how best to develop the processes and people behind your business’s success, providing a roadmap to navigate the challenges you are facing as you work towards a better future. The bottom line is he loves to solve problems through leadership development, project management and strategic planning.

 Luke served eight years as a commissioned officer in the New Zealand Army and gained extensive leadership skills and an awareness of how to support and develop people. He has a strong sense of what people need to be successful and a strong, rational approach to problem solving. Luke completed an operational tour to Iraq as a second-in-command of a 150 strong ANZAC security group.

 Luke grew his commercial capabilities through his time at Silverstone Circuit, the home of the British Grand Prix, where he planned and delivered some of the largest sporting events in the world. He worked closely with clients like Formula One, MotoGP and Ferrari. He understands commercial relationships and large-scale operations and can build better processes for future financial benefits.

 Luke’s public service experience has seen him build and develop teams and navigate complex environments, mainly focussed in the Emergency Management sector. He is well versed in advising senior leaders and building trust in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment.

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Maribel Aburto

Maribel Aburto

Brand & Web Designer - Creative Director at CREATIVA

Maribel is the Creative Director and co-founder at CREATIVA: a branding and website design agency based in Wellington. She is the head of design and takes care of the operations of the Studio. Since founding CREATIVA, she has discovered a real passion for business development, project management, processes and designer/client communications. As a designer and business owner, her focus is always to deliver the best final product and provide the best experience for her clients and her team. 

Since September 2014, the studio has been helping businesses, individuals, and organisations to create iconic brands, beautiful responsive websites, and elegant printed materials. The team has also grown over this time and now it's a vibrant group of seven talented women working locally and overseas providing a variety of services to their clients.

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 Laura Cosgrove

Laura Cosgrove

Laura, Director and Founder of Evolution Business Performance.  Financial consultancy that provides tailored business analysis and strategic solutions positioning business owners to make effective decisions.

Laura is a Chartered Accountant (Netherlands) and holds degrees in Economics and Accounting.

She loves to simplify finance and make it accessible and relevant to small business owners.
Laura has worked at all levels of Financial operations, Financial Markets and management.
Her broad-ranging experience across industries and organisations in Europe and New Zealand has allowed her to successfully influence strategic decision making and minimises risks.
Laura will provide you with an expert perspective, and tried and tested methods on how to overcome the financial challenges that stand in your way of success.

When time permits outside of the work environment, she enjoys the outdoors with her main passions being flying, cycling, and playing sports such tennis, basketball and volleyball.
Also loves coaching kids through different sports such water polo, floorball and basketball.

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Haylee Wrenn

Haylee Wrenn

Haylee is the Director of Accountabill, a Business Advisory & Financial Services company set up to help small business navigate & thrive, providing the right financial support systems and advice to back them up.

After being a business partner with her husband for years, she then worked at Inland Revenue as a debt collector - a heart wrenching role that saw far too many small business owners ending up in trouble just because they didn't have the right support and advice. So she did something about it and created her own company to help those very people.

Haylee took out the coveted Institute of Certified New Zealand Bookkeepers Bookkeeper of the Year award in 2020, and was also awarded the NZ Bookkeeping Partner of the Year at the 2021 Xero Awards. She was also awarded the Bookkeeping Trainer of the Year in 2019.

Due to her success in her own business, her own personal story of survival and for the help & services she is providing to many small to medium business' (especially in this climate of Covid-19 overshadowing normal business decisions) she has been in demand to feature in magazines & websites such as Woman Magazine, Koru Magazine, Stuff.co.nz, The Register, Kiwis in biz podcast and most recently a piece on Business.govt.nz.

Take a look at some of her articles here:
Stuff Article | NZ Business | NZ Herald

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Tabitha Arthur

Tabitha takes amazing photos of people and is able to bring personalities to life through imagery!.  

Specialising in portrait photography in and around the Wellington area, she is recommended by top agencies for industry-standard actor headshots. Creative professionals looking to update and upgrade their personal brand presence across the web love her modern-classic style portraits and flattering headshots. Imagine having a work photo you actually love!

Tabitha will speak about you - and the importance of being the best you possible for your business.  


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Josie Askin

Josie Askin

Josie is the Director and Owner of Spring Coaching, a performance and wellbeing coaching practice. Josie helps business owners and leaders to feel on top of their game in business and life, by applying the lessons from the sporting world into business. As a driven, high achiever Josie learnt the hard way that peak performance is only maintained with a balanced and holistic approach to wellbeing including mindset, movement and nutrition. Josie weaves her experience from the business and sporting world, along with qualifications in psychology, coaching, beliefs change, sports training and nutrition to provide a truly holistic and sustainable approach to performance and wellbeing without the overwhelm factor.

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Lynne Lawson

Lynne Lawson

Lynne has organised this amazing business retreat, and is also going to share her many years of sales and marketing experience.  Both Sales and Marketing need their own time slot as they are often lumped into the same category.  But a Sales person can not sell if they don't know the marketing direction of the company and visa versa.

With over 9 years experience as Orange Marketing/ and Grow Orange Lynne has helped clients throughout New Zealand promoting companies by looking at the goals and visions and then creating dynamic marketing plans.  Listen to Lynne as she runs through some of the key elements needed to make a great marketing plan and then how turn those plans into sales.

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