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I needed new headshots for my Website!

“It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are.” — Paul Caponigro

I love photography - the taking of images, the appreciation when I see a well crafted portrait.  The marketing side of me knew that I needed to update my image on my website and social media, but it was seriously outside my comfort zone.  I knew that my camera would take an OK image and I could do some photoshopping but just like I can spot a homemade website I knew that I needed to call in the professionals.

With the help of Google and Facebook I discovered Tabitha Arthur Photography.  Right from the first email and then Zoom chat I knew that it was going to be a fun experience.  Tabitha took the time to get to know me and she sent out helpful hints on how to prepare for the photo shoot (including to remember to paint my nails)

Alana did an amazing job of my hair and makeup and was on hand during the photoshoot to ensure that I wipe off my lipstick or smudge my eyes! (It would be good if she could follow me around all day, every day) Then Tabitha did her magic.  A great photographer can take a very nervous subject and put them at ease - that is what happened with me.  I was having a nice time and didn't think about my flaws.  I trusted and knew that I would get a great photo(s) for my marketing

The end result - AMAZING.  I now feel confident when going out to the market place with my new brand that I can reflect who I am and that I have a very professional network and team around me.


Launching our Accommodation brand

Hey Kiwi - Stay Kiwi!

Over the last 12 months we have seen many changes to the accommodation sector and we acknowledge the need to work together and support one another - particularly during tough times.

Stay Kiwi was formed, with some initial trials and errors, a strong cohesive plan has now been constructed with the goal of promoting the accommodation sector through 2021 and beyond.

As part of our branding we have created a fun little Kiwi and used bright funky colours that are eye catching.  


Why have a strong brand

Effective branding can help build your reputation, make you stand out from your competition and project your values to attract your ideal client.

Your brand is your voice, it is what sets you apart from others.

Your brand is your business identity – the image you wish to portray to the world – and is one of your company’s most valuable assets. Although your visual brand identity is important, your brand is more than your logo. Your brand communicates your business personality and shapes your clients’ perceptions of who you are. Your brand should project the expectations and promises you extend to your customers in terms of quality, service, reliability and trustworthiness and create trust and loyalty from those who do business with you.

A strong brand identity helps your guests differentiate you from your competitors and can positively influence their purchasing decisions, resulting in more bookings to your property.

But there are several myths and misconceptions that small business owners believe that can get in their way of developing a strong brand identity.

Myth #1 – We can design our brand ourselves

We have all experienced the effects of a do-it-yourself brand. What do you think when you are handed a self-printed, black and white business card? What happens when you get to a website that looks home made? People will judge your ability to provide the guest experience they are requiring. Don’t risk turning away potential guests with an unprofessional brand.

Myth #2 – We can’t afford to have a professional brand developed

Having your company brand professionally designed costs money, but it may cost your business more if you do not have a high-quality, visual identity. The visual representation of your identity is something that takes a skilled resource. Creating a logo that is not aligned with your vision, values, target audience and positioning could cause confusion in the market. For example, if you provide quality guest accommodation with attention to detail and a spotless venue , your lack of attention to detail in your brand will send a conflicting message to your guests

Myth #3 – We don’t need a brand

You absolutely need a quality visual identity for your web presence. How do you represent your business without one? And whether you have developed a professional brand or not, your business has a brand. Your company name, how you deliver on your promises and what your customers say about you when asked creates an impression of what it is like to do business with you - that is your brand

You can let it be developed for you through online customer reviews or your competition, or you can take control and manage it to your advantage. Your choice.

The Benefits

Makes your company look bigger

When prospects see a professional brand consistently used on your business cards, website or social media profiles, they get the image of a property that is worth a stay. They will also expect to pay more for a more polished brand and property. If you hand them a home made business card or your web presence is unprofessional, they will think you are small and it will devalue the cost of your room nights and you may also attract the wrong target audience.

Builds loyalty and trust

One of the ways you can separate your business from the competition is to have a unique brand that differentiates you in the marketplace. A strong brand that conveys your values builds an emotional connection with customers, which will attract them to your business if they share the same values. This type of connection makes it easier for you to develop a long-term relationship with those customers, leading to greater customer loyalty.

Conveys stability

You may be the best, most experienced accommodation operator in your field, but no brand or a self created brand conveys an impression that the business won’t last. A brand helps you develop an image for your business that says “I’m here to stay”. A well-defined brand identity projects a long term feel to those who see it regularly. E

Makes your business memorable

Developing a brand identity and using it consistently helps customers remember who you are. The more your guests see your brand, the more likely they will contact your business for information. Every time you get to interact with your guest, you have a chance to make a connection and create a memorable brand experience.

Has your business taken control of its brand identity?

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Building a business/ neglecting health?

It's time to take a break and remember to recharge your batteries.

When I started out in business I vowed and declared that I wouldn't work all day and all night - and then I got busy!  Taking time off in the weekends became a luxury and I used to shout out to all that I was so busy that I worked x number of days straight!  This made me sound very busy and important - but the reality was I was not looking after me!  The most important part of my business.  It didn't allow me to recharge and think about the direction my company wanted to go, and as a result we all just muddled on.  Successful - Yes - enjoying what I was doing ... unsure (I didn't have time to think about it)

Covid-19 allowed me to stop and re-think my plans for the future.  Lockdown was a brutal stop, and a shock but there has been some key learnings that I am now taking into my business, and some areas that I am sharing with businesses that we help and consult.


1:  Treat health as an investment.  If the director of the company is not functioning on all cylinders then how do you expect your team to perform.  You are the most important asset to your business

2: Make time for friends and family.  On the first Friday of every month we have a group of friends that we meet up with.  This has been rolling for over a year now and some months we get a great turn out, and other months maybe a few have other engagements  but the date is locked in all of our calendars!

3Your business is not your hobby.  Find other things to do.  

Sometime I find a drive over the hill to the Wairarapa or a walk along a beach clears out the cobwebs - what and where is your happy zone to take some time out from your business!



Taking a leap of faith -

Coming up with a new brand name!

It started on a Sunday drive up to the Kapiti Coast when Chris and I were brainstorming what we could change the name of our company to.  We bounced around all sorts of ideas - knowing that the key word Orange had to stay (it is the mainstay of my wardrobe and I love that colour) we looked at what other words would sum up what we all did around the office.  Key words like Coffee, Gin, Jazz, all came up in discussion but it just described my loves and passion.  It was only when we were 5 minutes from home that I cried out GROW ORANGE... and our name was born.

Why Grow Orange - it summed up what we liked to do with our clients.  We love to find many ways to help their business grow.  Although we update websites and create great social media posts these were the tools for the business and how effective they were all part of the package to help the different businesses that we worked with grow.

Once we had the concept in mind, the planning started.   



Personally and Professionally

I am sure that i am not the only one that has been wandering around the house over the last few months and wondering if I was in some sci-fi movie.  At the start of the year, celebrating in the city with Chris I was excited about the year ahead.   

The business landscape changed in March 2020, and with that came some soul searching and rethinking how Orange would look in the future.  I had time to stop and think and listen.  Chris even commented that it took a pandemic to slow me down and to stop me working insane hours!

It is very scary stopping and thinking about new directions, but it is also energising.   Over the past couple of months I have spoken to a larger range of clients and realised that I have a passion of helping many different businesses.  This month we see the launch of a new coffee brand, and are working with a Wellington IT company to revamp their logo.  Many of my accommodation clients are coming back and we are running a large accommodation group promotion.  

Tomorrow is scary, but knowing that we love what we do will carry us through into our new direction of helping businesses grow!

Watch this space for our new brand launch!


necessity is the mother of invention:  Inventiveness and ingenuity are stimulated by difficulty. For example, The first prisoner to tie together bedsheets to escape knew that necessity was the mother of invention.

The Design Process

Where to start

It started off with the vision of what we were wanting to achieve with the new logo.  Why did we want the change

  • Change of business direction
  • Need to showcase that we were more than "just" marketing
  • Needing to put the emphasis on the fact that we love to help our clients

Once we had established the overall direction the graphic element of the new brand commenced.

logo 1.

Picking the right style was then an editing process -and based on the feedback our new logo concept was born!

Logo 2