Join our group of like minded thinkers. 

Learning together can be fun, and a great and affordable way of sharing information in a space and supporting environment.

Our on the road together monthly sessions are a fun way to learn as a group. Think of it as being on a bus ride with a fun group of like minded entrepreneurs that you can learn from and bounce ideas off.
The session will start with a marketing masterclass from Lynne @GrowOrange, and will offer fresh new ideas, some business coaching and will include the occasional guest entrepreneur sharing advice, tips and hacks you need to up-skill in business

Also included will be resources, networks, guides and downloads to help you to set goals and take real action in your business

The bus ride will include networking opportunities, finding collaborators, contractors and business support

As we journey together there will be many useful learning and growth tips for you to then jump back into your car and head off on your own journey. Knowing that you can jump back on the bus anytime for another fun trip!


How the monthly session(s) work
How the monthly session(s) work

Join us. You can cancel at any time, although we are sure that once you get on the bus you will want to join us every month.

Times not suiting - we are going to set up an evening bus ride for anyone that during the day isn't going to suit

We encourage you to share your details with other members of the group - please don't spam them, we want to build a strong community of like minded people

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