Do you have a new vision for your business? Allow us to help you brainstorm your ideas then create a plan.

Branding for your business

We know the importance of having someone to talk your ideas over with, this can often provide a clear focus and even come up with some new ideas. When we rebranded to Grow Orange we put a stronger emphasis on our consultancy, strategy and planning sessions.

By recently going through the re-branding process it reminded us of the core goals required in a re-brand and enabled us to implement some easy steps in order to help out others with their branding and marketing approaches.

Our process is simple yet effective.

We listen, we find out who you are, we find out who you are wanting to market to (your audience) and finally we find out how you know your business will be successful - what is YOUR definition of success.

When we look at brands we look at the whole process.

Your customers will have high expectations and with that they want authenticity, consistency, transparency and quality. This means that you have to have all of your ducks in a row when doing your brand. Your brand needs to be across every touch point 

Logo, culture, website, social media, email.

For our team - our goal is to inject some Orange into our every day!

When thinking about your brand, think about the personality that you want the brand and message to convey. Add some of your soul and then flavour it with colours and images. Think about the people that you like to work alongside - what are the personality traits that you admire? This all forms a strong part of your brand. At Grow Orange we like to laugh and joke around - but that is only part of our brand. The rest is hard work, credibility, creativity and honesty.

It's simple - if you have a great product or service then you can build your brand around it. It is easier to sell a great product as opposed to crap! If your product isn't up to speed we will be honest and help you redefine it for the market place. There is no point throwing money out the window (or on advertising) if your business product/service doesn't measure up. Be the best in your class, do what you do best and people will take notice.

Branding is clearly articulating what you want people to know, do, and feel with every blog post, Instagram photo, tweet, and webinar. It doesn’t stop. Branding is a continual journey and will never sit in your ‘finished’ pile. When thinking about branding and marketing, remember that marketing starts and stops. Branding is what carries on between marketing events. It’s what keeps your people coming back for more, liking your daily social posts, subscribing to your emails and telling their friends about your amazing website layout.

The first group that you should be targeting with your new brand and marketing are people who you know and admire. Before you throw your new brand out into the world showcase it off to your advocates. This will start to determine who is your target market and allow you to fine tune your brand/product. Don't try for world domination on the first week, target the faithful and the rest will start to follow.

Garage Kitchen Greytown
Garage Kitchen Greytown

We love it when a client comes to us with a new vision and that is exactly what Louise and Russell did when they decided to rebrand their Greytown restaurant from Brasserie 74 to Garage Kitchen.

Once we heard about the new concept we worked on new visuals as well as brainstorming how the new look and feel would work online.

Primary IT
Primary IT

We enjoyed taking the Primary IT logo from a traditional blue and grey technology look to a fresh bright colour concept that will be used to highlight the different facets of this busy Wellington company.

The team at Primary IT then created a great looking website and our team created a range of printed marketing brochures for them.

Panama Coffee
Panama Coffee

Did you say coffee? When approached to create a new coffee brand Lynne was dizzy with excitement. It also timed well with her new coffee machine.
But enough about Lynne and her need for a coffee fix. The new logo for Panama coffee was created to incorporate the fact that Catherine and Edgar import the coffee beans from their family farm in Panama. A great story for an exciting new product. Their tagline "From our plantation to your cup" says it all!