Have a new vision for your business we are here to help you brainstorm and put together your new vision.

We know the importance of having someone to talk your ideas over with this can often provide a clear focus and even come up with some new ideas

When we rebranded to Grow Orange we put a stronger emphasis on our consultancy, strategy and planning sessions.

This enabled us to not only help with our clients day to day marketing - but allowed us to dig in deep and think about all the long term goals and outcomes.

We help you grow your business by looking at where the business can go to and what tools you need to help you take the business to the next level.

Our process is simple yet effective

We listen to you

We find out who you are

We find out who you are wanting to market to (who is your audience)

We find out how you know your business will be successful - what is YOUR definition of success



Let's look at how you want to take your business to the next level. Being a business owner can feel like you are on an island. We support you and your business whilst looking at the many ways to take your business to the next level. Let's look at your marketing, profit and rates and general work flow to see what is required to go to the next level!

In order to help our clients take their business to the next level it is important that we discuss the business brand. The brand is more than a good shiny logo - it is the company vision, what the business stands for and how the business wants to be perceived in the future.

Garage Kitchen Greytown

Garage Kitchen Greytown

We love it when a client comes to us with a new vision and that is exactly what Louise and Russell did when they decided to rebrand their Greytown restaurant from Brasserie 74 to Garage Kitchen. Once we heard about the new concept we worked on new visuals as well as brainstorming how the new look and feel would work online. (and we got to try the new burgers!!!)

Garage Kitchen